It’s not about us, It’s about all of us!


Sharing is Better, Most of the Time.

We have all been there and shared the same issues with capturing videos. Bad lighting, poor sound, out of memory, too far away or your neighbor’s head getting in the way. And worst of all, Instead of enjoying the moment we are viewing the event from the screen of our phones. We imagined, in a room full of parents with cameras in-hand there should be a better way to share the task and capture these precious moments.

Sharing Events, Sharing Videos

TogetherVideo is built upon a simple premise that in a shared world, with shared events you will build stronger communities by also sharing videos. Our social network helps you, your neighbors and organizations to capture, store and retrieve videos of the events that bring us together.

And Simply Sharing

Best of all, TogetherVideo is a social platform for sharing and supporting the communities you care most about. Organizations can use the site free-of-charge to passively raise money, create awareness of events, and better share their story. And because it is the right thing to do, TogetherVideo shares all profits with these same organizations.

OK, We’ll Share a Little Bit About Ourselves.

TogetherVideo was founded by parents, like you, who forgot to charge their phone and clear out old files. We wanted to provide a better way to capture events and in doing so a better way to support our community. TogetherVideo is new and looking to get better. We want your help in making this happen. Please feel free to provide suggestions, comments or concerns. As we said, we’re parents, we’ll make some mistakes but our heart will always be in the right place.