Billing and Payment Policy

Payments Made by You

Viewing uploaded videos is free to everyone. Payments are collected for TogetherVideo Membership, TogetherVideo Credits, and additional storage space.

checksignforlist    TogetherVideo membership is $12.00 annually for individuals. Organizations
and their admin designates receive free membership.

checksignforlist    TogetherVideo credits may be purchased by all members. Credits are the site currency used to purchase downloads and make contributions.

15 Credits $7.80 ($0.52 per credit)
25 Credits $12.00 ($0.48 per credit)
50 Credits $22.50 ($0.45 per credit)
100 Credits $43.00 ($0.43 per credit)
150 Credits $63.00 ($0.42 per credit)

checksignforlist    TogetherVideo Membership allows a maximum of 250MB of archived videos. Additional storage can be purchased for $12.00 annually.

Your membership subscription will automatically renew for the same period of time as your initial subscription period (e.g., month, year) until you cancel automatic renewal. Your payment method will be charged the subscription fee (plus any tax) at the beginning of each renewal period. You may cancel automatic renewal any time by adjusting your settings. Refunds are not available for partial subscription periods.

TogetherVideo periodically offers a number of membership promotional plans, including discounted plans for teachers and volunteers with different limitations. TogetherVideo reserves the right to modify, terminate or otherwise amend our offered membership plans.

All payments are final and non-refundable. Notwithstanding the foregoing, TogetherVideo may, in its sole discretion, make refunds if it determines that the circumstances warrant a refund.

Payments Made to You

TogetherVideo will pay individuals and organizations for redeemed TogetherVideo credits within fourteen (14) days of which such redemption was submitted. TogetherVideo will make all payments to your PayPal account or other payment method offered by TogetherVideo.

checksignforlist    TogetherVideo credits can be redeemed in the following increments.

50 Credits $15.00 ($0.30 per credit)
100 Credits $32.00 ($0.32 per credit)
250 Credits $85.00 ($0.34 per credit)
500 Credits $180.00 ($0.36 per credit)
1000 Credits $380.00 ($0.38 per credit)

TogetherVideo may withhold amounts or make adjustments: (a) to satisfy any refunds that it may make; (b) pending any investigation of fraud or other illegality; and (c) as required by US tax law.

Collecting Credits on Video Downloads

In order for individuals to collect credits on downloads, you must have and maintain TogetherVideo Membership. Organizations will automatically collect credits on associated video downloads. Credits will be saved and held by TogetherVideo until a legal representative of the organization has validated their identity and completed the claim process. (claim process).

It is the responsibility of the video uploader to select (a) the minimum credit contribution to be received by you (b) the minimum credit contribution to be received by the associated organization when video is downloaded. All videos uploaded under the “Designated Videographer” process grants the organization the responsibility to set the minimum contribution level to be received by both uploader and organization.

Additional Obligations

You may only stream or download videos for your personal viewing purposes. You may not: (i) transmit or distribute any video through any means; (ii) publicly exhibit any video; or (iii) resell views of any video; or (iv) allow others to log into your TogetherVideo account for the purpose of watching a video.

Videos are provided on an as-available basis. TogetherVideo does not guarantee that any particular video will be available for streaming or viewing from your personal archive. Videos may be removed by TogetherVideo for legal reasons or failure to meet site guidelines.

TogetherVideo shall have no obligation to pay for the redemption of credits with respect to any content or conduct that violates TogetherVideos Terms of Service. TogetherVideo may, in its discretion, suspend, limit, or disable any user’s participation in Vimeo On Demand at any time.

You agree and acknowledge that you and TogetherVideo are independent contractors and not partners, joint venturers, or fiduciaries of one another.

If you receive free membership via an organization, that free service will expire at the time your admin rights are revoked, lapse or no longer enforce. You be required to purchase an annual membership to regain access to your account.