Supporting and Thanking Organizations


Inviting all Organizations and Groups

TogetherVideo is a social platform that puts organization out-front. We want to showcase your activities, events and programs. We believe that in a shared world, with shared events you will build stronger communities by also sharing videos. As the leaders, volunteers and support staff of these organizations we ask for your participation in championing that belief. Don’t worry, it’s FREE and won’t consume more of your valuable time.

Easy, Passive Fundraising

Here’s the best part, TogetherVideo allows organizations to fundraise passively and support their ongoing programs. Every time a crowdsourced video is downloaded, it becomes another opportunity to collect credits. Credits serve as our site’s currency that can be redeemed for real dollars. It’s this easy:

  • Members and organizations upload videos and set the credit contribution level.
  • Each time a video is downloaded the organization collects the set contribution level plus any additional credits members wish to contribute.
  • Organization automatically receive payment once they collect enough credits. The payment level is set by the organization.

Promote and Share Coming Events

Your organization’s public profile serves as a showcase for upcoming events. And when you are looking to promote an event, we make it easy for you to get out the word. Share your event on social media or email. You can even link to ticketing sites or import events from third party calendars.

Coordinate Videotaping

Important events and programs deserve to be captured with high quality videography. TogetherVideo allows organizations to seek and select a Designated Videographer that will do just that at no direct cost. Think about it, don’t you want events where parents are watching their kids and not the screen of their phone? By using the Designated Videography features you eliminate crowds jostling to get the best shot while providing lasting memories to all. Parents are sure to thank you with both their well-wishes and credit contributions.

Get Going Quickly

TogetherVideo provides admin tools to allow volunteers to manage the organization’s profile, upload events/videos and select Designated Videographers. These enthusiastic coordinators can also help generate contributions and motivate others to share their videos. Don’t worry about the time commitment. Organizations can rely on our members to populate the videos and events and then simply sit back and collect their contributions.

Good for you and the Community

TogetherVideo is free for organizations and comes with no hidden fees. Nothing to buy, nothing to sell. Plus, we offer membership discounts to teachers and other individuals working for non-profit organizations. And because it is the right thing to do, TogetherVideo shares all profits with organizations like yours. Our hope is that by everyone chipping-in and sharing we can better support those events that bring us together.