Capture the Event and Then Capture Their Appreciation

Capture and Share the Event

No matter if you are a pro or novice we want to share your videos. TogetherVideo gives you the perfect platform to show-off your skills and share with others. Our goal is to crowdsource videos of events so that all our members can re-live these moments over-and-over again. Events like:

  • Plays and talent shows
  • Musical concerts and band performances
  • Sporting events
  • Graduation and other ceremonies
  • Classroom presentations and academic contests
  • Group picnics, outings, reunions, open houses and other get-togethers
  • Charity events or just about any other group activity!

If you are looking to share music videos, family happenings, blooper reels, political commentary or commercials then this in not the right platform. Our curated library is about community and those events that people share together.

Compliments and Contributions

Receive more than just compliments, receive contributions as well. TogetherVideo allows you to earn credits, our site currency and redeemable for real dollars, when your posted videos are downloaded. In addition, TogetherVideo members can contribute credits to the associated organization so they can raise funds to support future programs. Your shared videos serve as a great crowdfunding tool for both you and the organization.

Calling all Videographers

With TogetherVideo you can see when organizations need help in capturing an upcoming event. Organizations can seek and select a “designated videographer” who will be tasked to capture and upload the event. All videos uploaded by the designated videographer are tagged with the TogetherVideo Certified Badge. The Certified Badge is used throughout the site as a symbol of trust and recognition. Certified videos will also be featured on the organizations profile page.

Become a Member

In order to post and share videos you need to become a member. The TogetherVideo Membership plan unlocks these features plus other tools to better share and engage with your community. The $12.00 annual fee gives you access to the following features


Create your own
member profile page


Save videos to your profile
and build your personal


Share your video
archive with friends
and family


Upload and share
your videos


Download videos to
your own computer


Create and post a
new event


Earn credits when others
download your videos


Become a “Designated


Let others know you
will be posting


Contribute credits to
organizations and other


Follow organizations and
videographers by adding to
your favorites


Comment and join the
discussion on posted